jackie's answering machine.
Look, there are people, we are people, a fuckingsmokingthinking
generation, all so tricky because simple, we pretend to ourselves, we
would mean, but we do not know. or we know, but we say to ourselves, we
do not know. what a bullshit.
I mean, who cares, we are still in our
flow, everyone for himherself, that's not wrong and not tricky, we only
want to live our fucking life. so we keep silent about something we
know it is not true, but we want it to be true. isn't that silly?
mean, why babble when you know what i have to say? why babble when i
exactly know what you thought years ago, there was another life and we
were better there. now we do the same mistakes and say the same
bullshit. life is so needless, and because of that it's great. do
everything you want and do it wrong. i let my memories here. it is my
place. why not? who cares?

and i think that my changes are not always good. but almost.